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The Fastest & Most Effective
Fire-Escape Solution...

The Escape Chute is the fastest and most efficient escape system in the world. When permanently installed, the escape chute is ready to use within a few seconds from release. It enables as many as 30 people a minute to be evacuated from a building in fire.

The Escape Chute is the only escape system which is absolutely safe. It protects the evacuees from heat, fire and smoke. Furthermore it can be used for rescuing the old, the handicapped, children, and it enables unconscious patients and those on stretchers to be brought to safety - without any previous practice. This is something that no other escape system can do.

Three-way Protection:

The escape chute consists of three layers.

  • The outer layer is made of fireproof glass fiber material which does not ignite even when exposed to open flame.
  • The intermediate layer is of an elastic material which helps to regulate the speed at which the escapee passes down the chute.
  • The inner, supporting, layer is made from DuPont's Kevlar fiber, which has ten times the tensile strength of steel. Its coefficient of friction is so low that no injuries are caused by friction.

Unlimited Installation Possibilities:

The innumerable installation alternatives guarantee that the escape chute is suitable for buildings of any kind. It can be installed permanently either inside or outside of the building.

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