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Portable Escape Chute

Escape Chutes can be fitted to Fire Department Aerial Ladders and Snorkel Platforms, this will increase the rate at which evacuees can be evacuated from a high rise building, thus reducing the risk exposure of the fireman. The movable/portable chute has become standard rescue equipment used by fire bridges worldwide for high rise rescue operations. With additional equipment, the portable platform can also be mounted on the parapet of the balcony and window. The chute is constructed of 3 layers, the outer layer is fire resistant-protects the chute against flames, the middle layer provides a speed restraining effect, and the inner layer supports the whole weight of chute. This 3-way protection protect the evacuees once inside the chute from flame, heat, and smoke during rescue operation. The longest one in use is 61m on Bronto Skylift.

With the Aluminum legs the standard fire truck platform can be move to the windows or balcony. The set contains of 2 expanding vertical legs (work with 2 hydraulic jacks) and 2 horizontal arms.

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