Escape Chute
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Single Entry Use

Single entry chute is installed on old or existing buildings where there is no possibility of incorporating the "Multi-Entry" chute. Each chute installation at window, balcony, rooftop, best serves the occupants of that particular floor. People stuck at upper or lower floors may be routed to the escape chute installed floor.

This single entry exterior chute is constructed of 3 layers as well as portable chute. The outer layer is fire resistant - protects the chute against flames, the middle layer provides a speed restraining effect, and the inner layer supports the whole weight of chute. This 3-way protection protects the evacuees once inside the chute from fire, heat, and smoke during evacuation. Available in a maximum length of 200m. The longest such chute in use to date is 122m at Intraco Building, Warsaw, Poland.

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